On this page you'll find some of my all-time favorite stones that other people now have.  These items are no longer available, but some might possibly be replicated...at least to an extent.  These are the ones I liked so much that I couldn't stand to delete the photos!

Click on the photos for more information and a larger picture of each item.

Item am066

Item aq057

Item ga059

Item sa035

Item sa082

Item su005

Item to001

Item to002

Item to010

Item to012

Item to016

Item ga085

Item sa033

Item to089

Item to093

Item ga118

Item to119

Item to117

Item ga137

Item to130

Item to264

Item to323

Item ga325

Item ga372

Item tz233

Item to731

Item zi495

Item to718


Item to936

Item op1069


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