STONE:  Tashmarine Diopside
WEIGHT: 4.08 Cts.
CUT:  Fancy Concave Facet Trillion
DIMENSIONS: 10 x 10 mm
ORIGIN:  Far East China
COLOR: Green (styG 5/3)
CLARITY:  Very Good ++ (Eye Clean,Nearly Flawless)
CUT BY:  unknown commercial
PRICE (U.S. Dollars):  $900
ITEM # c015

COMMENTS: This stone is fine example of a Tashmarine diopside from the The Silk Road  in China.  It is very rare and originates from a mine which has flooded out and was last know to be no longer producing gem rough.  Any Tashmarines currently on the market are most likely old stock.  This stone is a pretty green with concave facets on the crown and pavillion which is typical of trademarked "Tashmarine".  This stone comes in a collector rosewood box and has a certificate of authenticity from the mine owner.

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