Recutting, Repairs and Cutting Your Rough Stones

For established clients, I offer a full custom cutting service for your rough, damaged or badly cut gemstones.  Note that I am not accepting work from new clients due to time constraints. The labor rate is $40 per hour and all work is at the risk of the person who owns the stone(s).  It is extremely rare for a cut stone to present any surprise flaws during recutting, but it does happen when cutting rough stones.  Some have been treated or are stressed and want to fracture during the preforming or faceting process.  Examples of stressed stones include some tourmalines, topaz, tanzanite and others.  When I buy rough gems, I do so knowing there is some risk involved and if you purchase rough stones, you should expect a bad one once in awhile.  Usually I can spot a stone that may have issues before I start working on it, but not always.  You can get a great value by purchasing rough and having me cut it, if you are able to tolerate the slight gamble that not all of your stones will be cuttable.

Please contact me before sending any stones.  When I receive your stones, I will evaluate them at no charge to you and email some ideas about how they could be cut to maximize their value, beauty and approximately how much labor might be involved.

Below are a few examples of what I can do to imrpove the appearance of the typical commercially cut stones that have windows and are usually "mixed cuts" (step cut on the bottom and brilliant on the top).  The average recovery for rough stones is about 1/3 of the original weight and for recuts, about 2/3 of the original weight, but usnally all or nearly all of he original face-up size.  The recovery is better if the crown or top of the stone is well cut and it has a reasonable girdle, allowing for a recut of only the bottom of the stone, which is where the problems are usually located with badly done commercially cut gems.

This sapphire needed only a recut of the bottom or pavilion and went from 1.55 carats to 1.16 carats, but the same face-up size.

This spinel was recut from a 2.56 carat mixed round to a 1.30 carat round brilliant.

This sapphire was recut from a 1.65 carat oval into a 1.07 carat emerald cut.

This sapphire had large, visible flaws in one end and was recut from a 5.13 carat emerald cut into an eye clean 3.26 carat fancy radiant cushion baguette.

This sapphire went from being a 3.37 carat slightly deformed short oval with a off-center pavilion to a nicely symmetrical 2.20 carat fancy round brilliant cut.

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