If you have purchased at least five stones from me in the past, and have not returned a high percentage of them, you are considered an established client and are entitled to a 10-day return policy featuring a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping via first class insured mail within the U.S.A.  (Shipping outside of the U.S.A. will be charged at cost or a bit less and is non-refundable)  Should you be unhappy with a stone for any reason, return it  undamaged after having it in your possession less than ten days, and you will receive a full refund or credit toward another stone.

  Because a large number of people have chosen to abuse the above return policy and/or request the special cutting of stones they didn't really intend on paying for, new buyers who have purchased less than 5 stones and/or who have returned a large percentage of stones are now, at my discretion, subject to deduction of a 10% restocking fee plus actual shipping cost from any refund given for a returned item.   I reserve the right to exercise this option, though in most cases likely will not. 

I cannot guarantee that people can afford to spend money on gemstones and do not offer a buyer's remorse warranty with a 100% refund.   If you are not happy with a stone you get from me for what I feel is a legitimate reason, then I also reserve the right to waive this new policy and issue a full refund.  :-)

PRICESCOPE MEMBERS - Due to my desire to concentrate on cutting more stones, I will no longer respond to your requests for additional photos and videos on the hand or in different lighting. Additionally, because of your high return rate (probably 25x normal) I will no longer knowingly sell spinels to active members of and any other sales to Pricescope members are final - no returns, no exceptions. I'm happy to do repairs and recuts, because that is by-the-hour labor and not something where anyone is demanding I provide free services that take me away from doing work that is actually productive. My intention is not to alienate people in general, especially those who have a history of dealing with me and being decent. I am only trying to protect myself from those who have no regard for wasting my time.



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